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    The compelling and accomplished voice of Christine Atallah crowns the songs with a dark, sometimes sultry, sometimes vulnerable ethereal moods of poignant beauty. At moments she is soft and playful, tender and sweet and at others strong, affirmative and soaring of voice. Their themes speak of sentiment, exotic countries, love at first sight, fidelity, of small joys, strife and loss, longing, and peace. The lyrics are intelligent and touching and the vocal lines vaulting and stirring.
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The Ourstage.com Magazine :

"Christine Ann & The Bassalindos, an acoustic world pop multilingual gem from Montreal, Canada. They have gotten rave reviews from OurStage fans by mingling pop, folk and sometimes jazz with Arabic and Latin elements. Their music has been described as rhythmic, exotic and sexy. No wonder they’ve been dominating the OurStage Latin and World Charts during the past few months." ~ Ariela ( Ourstage Magazine , January 12, 2011 )


released April 17, 2011


all rights reserved



Christine Ann Atallah and the Bassalindos Montréal, Québec

Christine Atallah and the Bassalindos are a Canadian band out of Montreal. Their music is a cosmopolitan blend of East and West. Its multilingual pop music, with latin and Arabic elements as well as nuances of jazz. The music has been described as rhythmic, exotic, sexy, intelligent with sensitive and stirring lyrics, melodies and arrangements. ... more

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Track Name: Quietly Waiting
Christine Atallah Danny McLaughlin

Verse 1
You’re a risky curb taken at high speed
A mad stallion at a gallop
I ignored the world when the cell phone rang
I poured my wine down the drain
I don’t wanna to complain
But I hardly ate a bite last night
Feel as if I’m not- quite sane

I am waiting, quietly craving
I suffer this desire
Quietly waiting ….for you
I am waiting, quietly craving
Don’t make be beg

Verse 2
On my crusade planning to invade
I’m trying to act mature
Life is slipping by, I don’t know why
Maybe it’s just that I’m afraid
Fueled by dreams and quick caffeine
Then yoga to relax
Delays are getting to me
This routine is getting obscene


No more procrastinating
So tired of all this aching
Don’t ask me to hang on

Track Name: Crushed
C r u s h e d
©Danny McLaughlin, Christine Atallah

I will never be the one to scold you
I could never be the one who’d dare
This attraction is too hard to define
I’d be lying if I told you I’m not in despair

And I’m never gonna strive
To make you realize
We’re in a difficult situation
No I won’t be satisfied
Till our destinies collide
Look at me in the eye

Did you ever feel how love can make you?
Did you ever feel how love can break you?
You’re so far
From your intention
Did ever feel how love can make you?
Did you ever feel how love can break you?
You’re crushed
Your heart, you won’t defy

I will never be the one to hold you back
I will only be the one who cares
This temptation is too strong to resist
I will die if I cannot live life without your kiss

Yes I’m always gonna strive
To keep this love alive
We’re in a passionate confusion
No, I won’t take my rest
This is my one ambition
We’ve gotta give this one our best

I will forever appreciate you
I will never confine you
I ‘ll break down every taboo

Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes ©
Christine Atallah, Danny McLaughlin

Verse 1:
We were blinded by chance
it makes us sigh
silence is our sad song
only sometimes
a little is enough
to make the sun come streaming through

I know one thing
I will always desire:
I truly want to…feel you
Is never too late
It becomes a matter of time

Verse 2
Some steps in the dance
Taking it slow
We are stars of this show
Only sometimes
Afraid but still in love
We give up and sink into the glow

I know one thing
I always will desire:
I truly want to…feel you
Is never too late
It becomes a matter of time

A song written on a day
Everything was wrong
I could have cried aloud

I felt better to be clever
Everything got better
Sometimes is not forever…

Track Name: V.I.P. for Me
V.I.P. for me
© Christine Atallah, Danny McLaughlin

You’re a Sunday after Monday
You’re a sunbeam when it’s raining
You’re the cherry on my sundae
You’re the top of all the ratings

Every parade on earth is in honor of you
Every poem written you have made come true

I’d give everything to be, baby
Sure of our eternity
Don’t say maybe
You’re a V.I.P. for me
You’re a V.I.P. for me

Verse 2
I will roll out the red carpet
I will give you a front row seat
I will break out the best champagne
I will put you in the hall of fame

All the medals in the world I’d give to you
No astronaut can take me higher than you do

Track Name: Let Me Be Me
Let me be me, (let me be free)
©Christine Atallah & Danny McLaughlin (Socan, BMI)

Set my beauty free

Verse 1:
Need no sanctity, don’t put me down,
Need none to protect me, I’ve been around
My destiny-- is up to me, so just...

Let me be
Let me be me
Just let me be
Let me be free

Verse 2:
I don’t think like you, you say I’m proud
I’m my own person, I scream it aloud
All that I dream-- is up to me.


Everything has changed, yet it all stays the same
Call it by a different name. I wanna change the rules of the game, yeah

Verse 3:
My sense of self is strong, don’t patronize
I have honor and courage, I will not be denied
I’ll do things my way--no matter what you say…

Double Chorus
Track Name: V.I.P. à Moi (version en français)
Paroles :

Est-ce que tu me vois comme je te vois?
Rayonnant chaque matin dans mon cœur
Ton sourire ludique
Ton élégance me dérange
Ton regard me fait la cour
Mon décor est ébranlé par tes mots doux
Et c’est plus fort que moi, je te vois tout partout

Tu es mon V.I.P à moi, chéri
Quand je te serre fort dans mes bras
C’est le paradis
Tu es mon V.I.P. à moi, juste pour moi
Nul n’a d’égal quand je suis près de toi

Un tapis rouge je te déroulerai
Il y a rien de trop pour toi que je ne ferai
J’inventerai un défilé en ton honneur
Je te couvrirai tout entier de pétales de fleurs

Car y’a juste toi qui m’envoie Oh si haut toujours
Au septième ciel sans aucun billet de retour

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